The Best Gift You Can Give to Your Loved One (and it’s free!)

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It’s funny, but when I ask people what I could give them for their birthday or Christmas, they ask for something completely free. I’ve been on the giving and on the receiving end of that gift and I can assure you — it is the most valuable thing you can hope for.

I am talking about a thing so simple, but so powerful — a handwritten letter. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper, a heart and a quiet place. During the times when money may be a struggle, your package might be late or materialistic gifts seem to be of last importance, a piece of paper with some honest words written by you for that specific person can be a blessing.

“So how do I write a letter, that serves as a gift” you may ask. It’s pretty simple!

  1. Don’t feel pressured.

It is a scary feeling when you look at an empty piece of paper and it is looking back at you. Of course, you don’t know how to start or what to say, or even how to say it, but don’t feel pressured to write a perfect letter on the spot. First of all, the perfect letter is the one written with love, care and that person in mind, so your letter will be perfect no matter what. And the blank page won’t feel scary anymore if you write whatever thoughts you have, then sort through them, pick what inspires you and let your hand follow your mind. Relax and it will come to you.

2. Don’t be scared to be vulnerable.

A good letter is a heartfelt letter and to write that, you need to be honest. Think about things, that you’re too scared to tell in person, that are too difficult to say out loud, and write it all free. Don’t be afraid to compliment that person, say sorry for something in the past or just tell them how much they mean to you. If you smile while writing that letter, the person reading it will smile too.

3. Mention a memory or an inside joke.

A letter for your brother, mother, best friend, or your significant other (ha, that rhymed) doesn’t have to be formal, it’s for the best if it’s not. It’s going to feel more personal if you add some details that you share with this and this person only. Once again, if you laugh writing it, I bet they’ll laugh reading it and that’s what we want, right?

4. Write by hand and by hand only (if possible).

Even if the person on the receiving end is on the other side of the planet, be old-fashioned and practice that cursive! An e-mail or a printed message doesn’t feel as intimate as a handwritten letter. It shows dedication and care when you take your time and paint every letter and every word on that paper just to make another human happy.

5. Have fun!

Write a letter that you’d like to get yourself, put thought and effort into it and have fun along the way. It’s all about making another person happy and I’m sure their happiness will warm you up.

I believe a letter is so powerful because you know the person in your own way, you see them from your unique perspective, value specific qualities, and have special memories, so a sincere letter is a one of a kind present. Nobody else could write the same thing and you wouldn’t write the same thing about anyone else.

Let’s be honest and tell people how we feel about them, show them some love and attention, give them something unique that they can put in their box of memories and cherish forever.

One particular nobody based in Europe. Trying to put my scattered thoughts into words that inspire. For any reason, you can e-mail me:

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