Taking care of pets is hard work, let’s give our kid a trial

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I think you’d agree with me, that almost every child gets an urge to have a pet at some point. However, we, as parents, don’t always have enough time to deal with a new living and breathing resident in our home that requires much care and doesn’t pay rent. When we try to explain it to our little humans, they usually try to convince us they’d take care of the pet and we wouldn’t need to wiggle a finger. I’ll feed the fish they say, I’ll walk the dog they say, I’ll clean the poop they say. …

A poem about the loss of friendships

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In my quarter-of-a-century long life,
I managed to make one great enemy and three good friends.

Two of those friends danced at the wedding of my enemy on my birthday this year.

In my 25 years long life, my enemy made 5 of those years miserable.
One-fifth of the life I’ve lived was hell because of one person.

Two-thirds of my good friends forgot my birthday this year.
Half of them were at the wedding.

I subtracted all of those friends from my life,
Then divided my love for the others.

I counted my exes on the list of my…

Invest your time wisely

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The term “inflation” is mostly used in economics when your buying power decreases over time. For instance, with the same amount of money that you’d spend to buy a house today, you could have bought 4 houses 50 years ago.

I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between your money buying power and the results you get for your efforts. Both are getting less valuable.

Just look at the Olympics. Gymnastics looked way more simple 50 years ago. The same skill that guaranteed a medal probably wouldn’t even be enough to qualify now.

Life is Olympics on its own and…

And is there a difference?

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Have you ever felt like an impostor after doing something nice to another person? I know I have. If you’re anything like me, there might be weird questions floating in your head.

“Did I do that because I wanted to do good or because I wanted other people to think I’m a good person? If nobody judged me, would I still act the same? Am I just well-mannered, or do I have an honest wish to help people? Is there a difference what is my reasoning for doing good if I am doing good?”

These and similar questions can break…


Please stop asking difficult questions

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Dear New Hairdresser,

I’m sad to tell you but you’re just like the other hairdressers. I was trying to find someone different, someone I’d be comfortable with, who wouldn’t want to talk, or at least they’d talk about themselves and not ask difficult questions. Sadly, you’re not them.

I know you’re bored, you’re extroverted, you enjoy getting to know new people, that’s great. But why do you need to ask me questions that put me into existential dread?

Don’t you understand I’m in a very vulnerable position? It’s like when your parents decide to give you your first sex talk…


To have an advantage, I wore comfy clothes

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Today is a big day. After six years of hard work and training, I finally did it. I beat the shit out of my Master’s thesis.

I’ve been studying for as long as I can remember. I wrote a beautiful Master’s thesis and put an enormous amount of work into it. Guess what?! They then told me I had to defend myself. From my own thesis.

So I’ve been training — I’ve been doing cardio workouts, I tried running, I tried boxing. I put myself into stressful situations just to be ready for my defense. …


Yes, running and cold showers

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If somebody decided to chase me to death right now, they’d have to try hard because I’ve been practicing.

I don’t run for health benefits, summer body goals, or sports achievements. No no, I do it to outrun my enemies. The chances of them hunting me are low, but not zero. If one day they decided to chase me down, they’d have to do it for like 0.8 miles. Not everyone can run this far.

My pace is incredible too. I run like I am in a dream. This means my legs are like two heavy stumps and I can…

It’s harder than it seems

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

Hear me out. All my life I’ve been bombarded with one thing: “to be successful, you need to get out of your comfort zone”. Bold of you to assume I ever feel comfortable. Shouldn’t it make me the most successful person ever?

For as long as I can remember, I felt anxious. Ever since kindergarten, and it didn’t get better in school or university either. I couldn’t find my place no matter where I’d be.

This inner uneasiness has been a part of me my whole life. I intended to write a humorous story about the search of my silly…

I thought family loves unconditionally

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I’m deeply hurt.

My family has praised me since I was a little girl. I always felt so loved, they were so proud. I lived my life according to a plan that someone else created. I don’t know who, but it wasn't me. I always thought they loved me unconditionally, but I guess there was one condition.

To stick to the plan.

Numbers, numbers, numbers

For as long as I can remember, my worth was measured in weird ways. I thought people assessed me superficially. My family always praised me for good grades, school achievements, university work, and my career path.

They could…

Emma Chamberlain does it

Photo by Maël BALLAND from Pexels

In the age of fast pace living and short attention span, reading long format text is getting rare. I’m an adult, and I’m partly addicted to my phone. It’s harder and harder to “find time” to read a book. In reality, I’m just looking for excuses. Don’t tell me you don’t.

We expect our children to develop good habits, but often we fail to show a decent example. When was the last time you read a book instead of scrolling? And when was the last time you told your child to stop scrolling and do something better with their time?

Nina Hemart

One particular nobody based in Europe. Trying to put my scattered thoughts into words that inspire. For any reason, you can e-mail me: nina.hemart@gmail.com

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